Our Church

First Pentecostal Church of Westlake was birthed from an old-fashioned outdoor revival in 1916, led by Rev. Robert LaFleur, on the corner of Old Spanish Trail and Trousdale Road.  It was here that charter members purchased one acre of land, and built a small wood-frame building lighted with gasoline lanterns, and heated with a stovepipe wood heater in the center of the room. 

Sunday School was first organized in 1927. Throughout 1916-1927, the serving pastors were Rev. Joseph Frederick, Rev. Tommy Martin, and Rev. Stroud. 

Several members were added to the church in 1930, after a revival held on Miller Avenue. Rev. A. Fuselier almost single-handedly constructed a wood-frame building on a lot near Calcasieu River in 1934.  Shortly thereafter in 1939, the first youth program was organized. 

Thenceforth in 1947, Rev. Melvin Dupriest sold the property near the river to the state for the construction of the I-10 Bridge right-of-way.  In turn, the Pentecostals purchased a lot on Cedar Street, and constructed a small sanctuary and four-room wood-frame parsonage. 

Bro. J.T. Pugh served as pastor from 1949-1950.  During this time, he held a tent revival that resulted in additions to the membership. 

Rev. Daniel Guillory began a fifteen-year term as pastor in late 1950.  During his tenure of service, several building programs were completed, and the church more than doubled in membership. 


The Articles of Faith of the United Pentecostal Church were signed in 1951, and the Westlake church was officially part of the international body.

  In 1952, a two-story educational facility was added to the Cedar Street sanctuary, in addition to rooms to the parsonage.  By 1955, the church was feeling cramped in their small facility on Cedar Street, with no room to expand.  A great tent revival was held on the corner of Sampson and McKinley, and many new people were added to the church.  Bro. Guillory led the church to purchase of a four-lot parcel of land, which fronted Sampson.

The official name of First Pentecostal Church of Westlake was filed 1956. In 1957, a new sanctuary was began, and the church was dedicated in 1958.  Brother Guillory managed the construction of an educational building before he ended his pastorate in 1965. 

In 1967, Rev. Timothy Creel directed the church through several expansion projects.  He spearheaded the second story of the education building in 1968, and the purchase of all property north of the church to Tillman Street, and the building of a new sanctuary in 1977.  The current facility was dedicated in 1977, by Bro. Nathaniel Urshan. 

Rev. Gayln Allen accepted pastor in 1985.  The Family Life Center was constructed under his tenure of service. 

Following Rev. Allen's death, Rev. Mark R. Stanton accepted pastorate in 1999, and is currently serving as pastor of First Pentecostal Church of Westlake.  Rev. Stanton served as a presbyter in the Texas District; and serves on the Louisiana District Board.  Rev. Stanton has executed the remodeling of the Family Life Center, Sunday School building, evangelist quarters, youth pastor property, and current church facility.  He has administered the modernization movement throughout several areas of the church including a website, signage, logo, and multiple other endeavors. 

Two daughter works have been birthed from First Pentecostal Church, accompanied with multiple pastors and evangelists serving in the ministry. 

God has blessed First Pentecostal Church of Westlake with a rich heritage of revival.